Signs de-signs: online documentation of paths with and for ITC:
a kind of Zibaldone of "Learning and cooperation on line"

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Premiazione: Firenze 20/11/2002
Teatro della Pergola di Firenze, via della Pergola n. 18.

iniziativa della Commissione Europea

The project of online documentation of children's experiences in nursery school has a first fundamental aim: evaluating and sharing learning skills, by using one or more collaborating environments, composed of subjects physically close or physically apart.

A web of exchanges has been activated among schools and with other institutions and families around common projects in order to:

  • compare methodologies;
  • create conscious and active children-children and adults-children interaction;
  • encourage the creativity and the development of an interactive community.

Educational and didactical paths through ITC have been carried out and take into consideration:

  • children's needs to express and to communicate through various techniques;
  • teachers' work in previous years (linked with past experiences);
  • paths previewed by the educational programming and by POF;
  • formative and didactic opportunities offered by the development of the multimedia industry.

Didactic objectives:

  • to collect, to elaborate and to interpret data;
  • to describe situations, problems and to devise solutions;
  • to develop the skills to communicate intentionally and creatively;
  • to present to the others the results paths.

Formative objectives:

to know, to master and to compare communicative and media levels on both personal and social sides.

Relational and behavioural objectives:

  • to understand the meaning of being part of a real community and of a virtual community;
  • to develop the ability of team work, with particular emphasis on the development of cooperation at a local and at a virtual level as well;
  • to encourage the introduction of a didactics which uses, in a versatile way, a variety of technological tools, languages and codes;
  • to encourage through the use of the media not only cognitive processes but also processes of socialization, in order to develop and to increase the logical operative skills and to redefine the essential forms of the learning process on the basis of the new needs created by the technological evolution;
  • to encourage the process of overcoming fragmentary knowledge and starting complex reading
  • to destroy (as far as possible) the geographical barriers, also using telematic communication


  •   MicroMondi
  •   Didactic software
  •   Communication data transmission (surf on linens, e-mail and chat)
Image flashes of a few "documented moments"
of the experience:

Re-doing activities through documentation
We consider it very important to return to the experiences we are carrying out.

In consequence, each child has the possibility of finding again the signs of the paths on the charts on the wall, in personal folders, in the photos, and in the computers.

It is all made very clear and accessible because the documentation is built and explained and re-explained while doing the experiences.

Moreover, parents can follow what is happening because the paths are also online.

...a few on exchanges line with the families...
rif. on-line

From:__ "Nicoletta"
____ _
"Linda Giannini" <>
Subject: Re: Il sito

Alex, Giacomo and I have seen everything. Giacomo has explained everything in detail and was very happy to see his school and his school mates in the home computer. Love/Greeting and kissies from Giacomo
!! Nicoletta.

----- Original Message -----

From:__"Linda Giannini" <>
To: _____"Nicoletta"
Subject: Il sito
Sent: ___giovedì 15 novembre 2001 16.28

>Dear Nicoletta,
As promised, we here is the address where you'll find a part of this school year work,
> which will be presented at the palace of culture in our city during the 'Netdays'.
> In particular, let us know if videos can be seen.
> The little star (gif-animated) is for Giacomo.
> Kind greeting. Linda



From:__ "Lina"
"Linda Giannini" <>
Subject: Re: Il sito
Date: __Thu, 13 Dec 2001 11:49:41 +0100

I am R.'s mum.
I've seen the site. It's very interesting. I'm satisfied with your work.

From:__ "Gianni &Maria"
____ _
"Linda Giannini" <>
Subject: Re: Il sito
Date: __Thu, 08 Dec 2001 11:49:41 +0100

Federico and Valeria are very happy to see their school friends in the PC and this is the starting point to tell us what happens at school. For us this is great. As for the photos and videos of Valeria and Federico we would be very happy to receive them in order to send them to the grandparents for the holidays. Maria brought to school a CD containing music for children. I'm sending a few animated Gif copied while web-surfing, and I call your attention the website where you can find others which could be useful to update your site.

A kind greeting. Gianni e Maria

Parents' messages on the Guest book.

There are also signs of the passage
of far away friends

The exchanges, the comparisons and the communication, also through ITC,
don't take place only among adults.
Messages of peace were written in the sky during the Socrates/Comenius week
in which the whole school participated (from nursery school to lower intermediate school).

The drawings, made with Paint,
after having been printed and stamped
on cardboard, become real cards to send
to parents and friends; those are cards
with messages, drawings, senders,
addresses and stamps.

After that the children go out in the neighbourhood to post the cards made
by them at the nursery school.
It was very interesting to see how long will each card take to arrive at its destination.
But we have found it only when we came back to school, after the Christmas holidays.

But we are not the only ones sending messages.

In class, we receive cards on a regular basis, also electronic ones
(these last ones, for the time being, offline, from friends and relatives).

We have hanged geographical wall charts
of Europe and we have tried, as far as possible, to follow the route of the messages arriving
to us (not only from Italy).

Also Santa Claus has helped us in the research.

.....we are building/creating a meeting-contest/comparison with the nursery schools.
(Chiavenna, Portici, Potenza, Sanremo, …) ...

with Mario Lodi

We have also assessed some software for INDIRE.

Little by little we are preparing a meeting-contest with other nursery schools.

Dear Linda,

today Carmela came to act as substitute and we thought to send an affectionate greeting to you, to Patrizia and to all the children of your school.

From Chiavenna we say "Ciaooooo". and write us soon.

Carmela, Bruna and the children of 1a section.

Dear children of sections G., Linda and Patrizia,
we received our letter with your names and your photos. Now we saay to you all the namesof the group, that next year will go to 1st elementary.
We have written our names with the computer.
We have seen all your names and we have children with the same name: we've got

1 Marco;
1 C;
1 G.,
1 David (because the other has gone to 1st elementary),
G. is our cook, we've got 1G,
1 L. (2 have gone to elementary school),
we've got 1 G.

There are also lots of children which have not the same name. Bye by the children of the blue group. We will send the names of the children of the red and yellow groups (4 and 3 years old) next time, together with the photos. (if we succeed in having back the digital camera). We wrote and article on the legend of the Christmas tree for the review Smoke signals in the survey Books and do you have any other information on Christmas? and on/about the elves? and on Harry Potter? On Thursday 20th we had a party at school. Santa Clase also came, and did he come to your class, too? Let us know. We are sending you 2 photos of our parties and we send to you again kind greetings of Happy Holidays. Kind greetings. Nerella


… and to conclude this images flash,
we would like to tell you that everything
has started this year thanks to some old computers (see picture here)…

But in December 2001 a new and "powerful" computer arrived
and now classes also have Internet access.


If there is the chance
of meeting - personally/ virtually (through the web)
our story will have a new chapter written:

Experience presented at TED 2002
and in the workshop of the NATIONAL CONVENTION
on Education and Media

Translation edited by my Dear Friends:
Annita De Carli (Italy) and Carmo Faro (Portugal)
Special thanks to them and to Josto (Italian virtual AW's friend)


English introduction
(shown in the website:)


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